New cheat social empires Turney for cash

Steps to a new cheat social empires cash

1). Download and Instal Cheat Engine
2). Open Social Empires
3). Open Cheat Engine and select procces to open then select (chrome.exe for google crhome) or (FlshPlayerPlugin for Mozilla Firefox)
4). Change value type to Array of byte
5). Back to Social Empires and click world then select Tourney.
6). In tournament arena, you select the friends tourn, then you select THE BEST (but do not click OK)
7). Back to Cheat Engine then click first scan for this code : 67 6F 6C 64
8). Select all addresses obtained, and lower its or input the address into Address list
9). then change all the code or address with this code : 63 61 73 68
10). Back to Social Empires, then click OK
11). Then there will be an error or detected on your SE, Reload SE,
12). go back into the Tourney and click cancel.
13). See your cash.
14). Repeat this process until the amount of cash which you want fulfilled.
15). Enjoy for play


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